From time to time we put on events beyond the regular meetup programming such as the New York R Conference and master classes in topics such as Rcpp, Stan, data.table and other advanced topics.

Our next event is a three-day Stan class taught by Andrew Gelman, Jonah Gabry and Michael Betancourt.

This three-day course consists of three main themes: Bayesian inference and computation; the Stan programming language; applied statistics. Participants will receive a copy of Andrew Gelman's landmark book Bayesian Data Analysis. Proceeds from the class support further development of Stan and this meetup.

Before class everyone should install R, RStudio and RStan on their computers. If problems occur please join the stan-users group and post any questions. It is important that all participants get Stan running and bring their laptops to the course.

Class structure and example topics for the three days:

Day 1: Foundations

Day 2: Linear and Generalized Linear Models

Day 3: Hierarchical Models

Specific topics on Bayesian inference and computation include, but are not limited to:

Members of the meetup receive a 20% discount with code nyhackr.