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June 6: The A(R)t and Science of Election Analytics


We're in-person and virtual again Soubhik Barari talking about election analytics.

Thank you to Microsoft for hosting us.

If you are planning to attend in-person, you must RSVP before 12:00 PM America/New_York on June 6th. There is a charge for in-person and virtual tickets are free.

After the talk we will randomly select two attendees (both in-person and virtual) to receive free tickets to The New York R Conference taking place July 11-14.

About the Talk:
This talk is a sampler of an important subdiscipline of data science that is, like it or not, here to stay and only growing: election analytics. From pre-election polling, to message experimentation; from opinion forecasting to voter turnout modelling, election analytics is built on tools and theories that span the data and behavioral sciences. In this talk, I will specifically discuss some of my own work in pre-election polling as a research scientist at SurveyMonkey during the 2022 midterms as well as an on-going project (in collaboration with Microsoft Research) to measure the coverage and effects of TV media in Congressional election campaigns. Along the way, I will showcase commonly used R tools in election analytics and I'll conclude with a broad discussion of future challenges and opportunities for election analysts, researchers, and practitioners.

About Jeff:
Soubhik (sho-bik) is a computational social scientist and data scientist using quantitative methods to answer questions around media, political communication, public opinion, and behavioral science more broadly. Currently he is a Ph.D. student (soon-to-be graduate) in Political Science at Harvard University and a research scientist at SurveyMonkey. At Harvard he has co-taught courses on behavioral science, election analytics, and advanced statistical methods. Previously, he was a research intern at Microsoft Research and a staff data scientist at the MIT Political Methodology Lab. Soubhik holds an A.M. in Statistics from Harvard and a B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics from Tufts.

The venue doors open at 5:30 PM America/New_York where we will continue enjoying pizza together (we encourage the virtual audience to have pizza as well). The talk, and livestream, begins at 6:00 PM America/New_York.